Collegiate Racing at Purdue

Purdue University is a part of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC), a division of USA Cycling. There's no pressure to race at all, but racing provides a fantastic opportunity to test your fitness, develop racing skills, push yourself to the limit, and overall have an exciting time on the bike. Because the races are all over the Midwest, you'll get to travel quite a bit too. We were the highest ranked non-varsity team in 2012 road season, and have been getting consistent results since, including 9 podium placings in the 2019 road season.

How do I start racing?

  • Come out to our group rides to meet the club! Get on the email list for daily rides by clicking here

  • First, you'll need to purchase a license through USA Cycling. Go to the USA Cycling website and select Purdue University as your club.

  • Next, buy the current team jersey in order to race as part of the club.

  • Races are categorized by skill level, so if you're new to collegiate racing, you'll start out as category D and will be racing alongside other beginners. As you rack up points from race results, you can upgrade categories. At the highest level, category A riders with enough points are invited to the USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals.

  • Ride with the club and attend the weekly meetings to train & get all the info and advice you need!

Seasons by Discipline

  • Road: Spring semester (Feb - May)

  • Cyclocross: Fall semester (Nationals is in early Jan.)

  • MTB: September - October

  • Track: Late summer

Mountain Bike Racing

Purdue Cycling Club is part of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference which holds several intercollegiate Mountain bike races between early september and mid october.  Purdue has a great central location allowing relatively easy access to these races. 

The DINO (Do INdiana Offroad) series often extends from the summer into the school year.  These are very well organized races and several Purdue Cycling Club members race in this series. Check out their site.

Also, see MWCCC (Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference)'s schedule for mountain bike races here.

Contact the club for more information

Road Racing

Collegiate racing offers a great way to try racing if you are interested with racing categories for all levels of experience.  The collegiate road season usually begins in early march and continues until Collegiate Road Nationals in May.  We have a great central location in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference allowing us to travel to races from Wisconsin and Michigan to Missouri and Kentucky.   Many club members also race on the road throughout the summer in non-collegiate races. 

Race weekends typically consist of a Team Time Trial, a Road race and a Criterium Race.  Collegiate racing is very affordable at usually only $15 per race compared with summer racing (~$30-$45 per race)

Contact the club for more information.

Collegiate Road Racing Calendar Spring 2020

Not yet released

Cyclocross Racing

Purdue's central location gives our club great access to several great CX series.  The Ohio Valley Cyclocross (OVCX) and Chicago Cross Cup (CCC) series provide high quality races and great competition.  They tend to be a bit further but have several races within an hour and a half drive of campus. 

If you are just getting started racing, or are looking for a more laid back cross scene or just don’t want to travel as far, the Indy Cross series is a great opportunity.  All of the races are in the Indianapolis area and have a very fun and less intense atmosphere perfect for the new racer. 

Collegiate-only cyclocross unfortunately does not have a large scene in the midwest and the races vary from year to year.  Most of our cyclocross riders are primarily active in these non-collegiate races.  See the MWCCC website for details on this season's races.  

Contact the club for more information.