Adrian Ortiz

Major: Biological Engineering and Biochemistry

Hometown: Clarksville, TN

Discipline: Mountain and Cyclocross

How did you start cycling?

I would bike as my parents ran training for marathons when I was in early elementary school

What do you love most about cycling?

The hum from mountain biking

What is your best memory in cycling?

4th hour of my first attempt of a 24hr race it starts pouring rain and knowing that the race would be rain delayed at the end of that lap, I really pushed the downhills and enjoyed the inability to see out of my glasses knowing that would be the only time my trail friendly heart would be okay with riding in the rain.

What are you short and long-term goals in cycling?

Solo a full 24hr MTB race (I had a sinus infection on my first attempt)

Have you done any races? If so, what was your favorite race?

12 Hrs of Dino and CX collegiate nationals

Who is your favorite pro cyclist?

Danny Hart