Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

First and most importantly subscribe to the email list through which you will receive information about group rides every day. If for some reason you subscribed to the list but aren't getting any emails (there's usually one every weekday for rides), contact Justin Miller at

Show up to the callout (Thursday, August 31st, 7 PM @ ME 1061) to find out general information about the club. If you miss the callout, it is not a problem at all! Just show up to a regular club meeting (Thursdays at 7pm in HAMP 2117) or contact us. Club dues of $20 are required for membership and maybe paid toward treasurer Maggie DeVoe. Club members are eligible to participate in club events and trips. Club members represent the club in public and intercollegiate events. Club members also enjoy discounts on official Purdue Cycling clothing, have sponsorship opportunities, and other benefits.


Where do I keep my bike if I live in the dorms?

If you have a nicer bike, your best bet to prevent theft and keep your bike clean is to find a way to keep it in your room. This is usually possible with a little creativity. Having a lofted bed it is helpful and you may need to remove one or both wheels. Bikes can sometimes fit between the end of the bed and the wall. Be courteous to your roommates. Campus bikes should generally be secured outside. If you need a good lock, see Hodson's Bay or Virtuous cycles.


When / Where are the rides?

Usually rides start from the main entrance of the Corec (France a. Cordova Recreational Sports Center) at 4:45pm every weekday, but join the email list for actual ride times and meeting locations.


Do you do mountain biking?

In short: YES!

We have a weekly mountain bike and cyclocross rise as weather and trail conditions allow. We have a strong local mountain biking community. There are a number of fun local trails around town and we often make weekend trips to Brown county and other nearby trails. Please note that the local trails do not hold up well to rain so do not ride them when they are wet.


What kind of equipment do I need?

At least, you will need a working bike with brakes, a helmet and a water bottle to ride with us. A road bike, cyclocross bike, or hybrid is strongly suggested for road ride. Any bike is suitable for bike path easy rides. Mountain bikes or cyclocross bikes are necessary for any off-road rides. There is no need for a fancy, expensive racing bike.


Can I join if I don't ride competitively?

Of course! Racing is only a part of Purdue Cycling Club activities. Plenty of us like to ride our bikes casually and participate in noncompetitive cycling events and rides. The majority of our daily rides are not competitive in nature. On "easy" and "medium" rides, the no-drop policy (making sure no one is left behind) is strictly enforced. On "medium rides", there sections but we always regroup afterwards. If you would like to challenge yourself and get competitive however, there's plenty of options for that. "Hard" rides like TNFR(Tuesday Night Fast Ride) are quite competitive. Furthermore, you can compete in Collegiate cycling races.


Where can I get a new bike or get my bike repaired?

We are sponsored by two great bike shops near campus. The closest one is Hodson's Bay Company and across the river in Lafayette is Virtuous Cycles. Both offer excellent service and offer a wide selection of bikes from various bike manufacturers.