Daily Rides

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The team leads recreational and training group rides Mon-Fri and longer distance rides on the weekend. Most rides start in front of the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center (the Co-Rec) at 5:45 PM (4:45 PM outside of DST). All you need to ride with us is a working bike and a helmet, no sign-ups or membership is required.

Sign up to the email list to get updates on daily group rides. The email notices will tell you the route, distance, and intensity (easy, medium, hard).

Click for a list of popular routes that most of our club rides take

Check out 'Racing' for more information about collegiate road racing.

Cyclocross (CX)

In fall season many of Purdue Cycling Club's members participate in cyclocross to keep in shape when the weather turns less than ideal.  While cyclocross is almost exclusively a racing discipline, it can be very laid back and a lot of fun, with racers frequently dressed in costume, fans heckling the riders as they slide down a muddy slope, and the occasional rubber chicken handup (yes these exist).  CXMag explains it best.

Simply put, cyclocross bikes are halfway between drop-bar road bikes and knobby tire mountain bikes. You can use your mountain bike (without bar ends) even in races if you just want to try out cyclocross.

CX Practice

Purdue Cycling Club hold cyclocross practices throughout the fall to teach and refine skills for all levels of riders.  All you need is a bike with knobby tires and a helmet.

Check out 'Racing' for more information on CX racing.


Although we are in the flatlands of Indiana, we have a few fun local trails within riding distance as well as several great trails within driving distance. 

The team leads mountain rides throughout the week but not on a regular schedule.   Join our email list to get updates about rides. 

The local mountain bike association is also a great resource providing updates on trail conditions and work days as well as leading other group rides.

Here's a nice catalogue of local trails.

Use this tool to check current local train conditions.

More information on mountain biking trails in Indiana here.

Important! Never ride the trails when it's wet and or muddy because it causes severe damage to the trails.



Track cycling season and the Purdue school year don't overlap as much. The Major Taylor Velodrome near Indianapolis hosts track clinic sessions for beginners and races in the summer.

Major Taylor Velodrome is an hour away from Purdue: